Switchdash v0.4

Switchdash 0.4 is a program that lets you utilize the hi-res capabilites of your Sony Clie. Some programs are written to work on all PalmOS devices, and do not take advantage of the hi-res screens found on Sony products. This program allows you to utilize the hi-res screen on these programs. Examples of these programs include Epocrates qID and qRx, all the Skycape products (5MCC, 5MEmerg, etc...)

Step 2

Start Switchdash on the Sony, hit enable. It will reset your palm then enable

Step 1

Download Switchdash from ZypGroups-1

What's the difference?
Some programs, especially games are designed specifically for a screen resolution of 160x160 (which is the Palm standard).  If you use switchdash to hi-res morph these programs, you'll end up with a really small screen as above. If this happens, all you have to do is add that program to Switchdash's list of exceptions.

When you start Switchdash, you will see a list of applications. This list is the exclusion list.

On the main screen, just click add. You will go to the add application screen. Just scroll down to the program that is having the display problem and add it to the list.

AGAIN - this is an EXCLUSION list. Switchdash will morph all programs EXCEPT those in this list.

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