KOZAN STUDIOS has designed a collection of public art sculptures intended to encourage interaction with public viewers. Conceptualized as a combination of organic and mechanical inspired spherical egg shapes, the sculptures have been named ZYPODS; ZY...taken from “zygote”, an egg produced by the union of two cells, and PODS...an acronym for Portable Orbiting Developmental Systems.

The original shape will be sculpted from foam, with the model used to make molds for reproduction in fiberglass. The sculpture bases, utilized to cradle the egg form, will vary in form, texture and material, with some bases large enough to accommodate several ZYPODS.

The upper exposed spherical egg shapes, 2’-5’ in diameter, will be cast from translucent fiberglass and protrude from the bases. These spherical eggs will encase custom sound and light systems, activated by viewers touching or approaching the sculptures. Illuminated from within, the ZYPODS’ lights will vary in color, with some changing from one color to another, others brightening then dimming, and others flashing.

The ZYPOD sound files will be stored in solid-state digital sound playback electronics. A microcontroller monitors the inputs and selects the proper file for playback. The digital file is converted to a real time audio signal, which is then amplified and heard from a weatherproof speaker. A sensor will detect close proximity movement and in accordance with its program, the microcontroller selects a file to play. Sound would be provided by an 18-watt amplifier inside the ZYPODS, with a reasonable loudness to avoid startling someone when played. The sound files would consist of simple tones, combined to form a melodic composition but not representing a discernible song. The sounds would be soothing and pleasant, to suggest friendly “life forms”, avoiding any type of alien or ominous connotations.

A variation would be the addition of synchronized louder sounds, played in larger ZYPODS at predetermined time intervals, for example, the first 5 minutes on the hour; at 12:00 noon, 1:00 p.m., 5:00 p. m., 6:00 and 7:00 p.m. The synchronized louder sounds would give the impression that the large ZYPODS are communicating with each other, up and down the street or from location to location.

Another option would be the addition of a mechanical system to add movement; i.e. door flaps on a ZYPOD that opens up and closes to reveal the interior.

In an urban setting, the ZYPODS could be installed along a major thoroughfare; in planting beds, hung from trees, and mounted on building facades. The larger ZYPODS, with synchronized sound and/or movement, would be mounted high enough to escape tampering.

The combined installation would suggest the implanting of the ZYPODS as organic life forms, similar to pea pods, cocoons, or eggs that are incubating and emerging from their base forms. The addition of individualized lights and sounds would add a living element to the ZYPODS, allowing the public to identify with them. The ZYPODS could also be given names, to add to their personification.

To engage children walking along the street, there would be several installations with clusters of pods in nest shaped bases, suggesting baby pods. Their sounds would be similar to a cooing or chattering sound of a baby or small animal.

Inhabitants of the planet earth have long believed that we are not alone in the universe, spending countless hours searching the heavens for intelligent signs of life. Life forms from another planet have begun an earthly migration and have landed in several locations around this planet. These “ZYPODS”, as we have named them, have been determined to be gestating extraterrestrial life forms.

Compared to large chicken eggs, requiring warmth to be hatched, the extraterrestrial ZYPOD eggs appear to need emotional warmth to survive. Illuminating variable colors and emitting harmonic sounds, the ZYPODS invite tactile interaction. In response, the ZYPODS use this emotional warmth to mature.

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