This is the Beck family

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Our Family Picture

Our family includes John and Dawn, six children and three grandchildren

The family lives in the Bay Area, Roseville, Redding and Hawaii. John and Dawn live in a retirement area with many activities available. John is from Pennsylvania and Dawn is from San Francisco.

John attended a technical Aeronautical Engineering School in Burbank after graduating from High School. He then enlisted in the Air Force in 1943. After discharge from the military service he graduated from the University of Pittsburgh, worked in Ohio, and then went to Douglas Aircraft in Santa Monica, CA.
Dawn graduated from San Jose State and was a teacher.

They met at a dance studio in Los Angeles. She was his dance instructor.He worked in the engineering departments at Douglas, North American and Lockheed Aircraft Companies. He later joined the US Geological Survey in Portland, Oregon and then in Menlo Park and Sacramento.

Some hobbies for John and Dawn: