These maps are designed for UT2003 Instagib Capture The Flag and designed with low to medium end computer hardwares in mind. Therefore, you will not find much eye candy nor any in-your-face, flow-hindering static meshes. You will NOT find any direct scaling or exact remakes here. All maps have been made from scratch and will contain some layout changes while keeping the general map flow the same. Any one is welcomed to study and modify these maps, provided that a readme file be included and credit is given.
If you discovered any map bugs, please let me know via IRC. I am generally in #sinners on . Do NOT complain to me about 'lame' tactics, for they will be ignored.


Embedded deep within the sand dunes of the Sahara, two temples have survived the test of time, will you?

The infamous Coret Facility returns with a vengeance. Cleaner robots are standing by to clean up your body fragments.
Note: This map contains all weapon placemebt, and will threrefore, work with normal weapons.

Work In Progress
None at the moment