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Bloggers are wusses. Real geeks write web pages in HTML. By hand.
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02 September 2004

Mighty at last

Yow, has it really been eight years since I last wrote in my diary? Ack, I'm getting old! I haven't been as active in the lands as I'd like these past couple of years.

But all my time studying in the advanced library and all my practice hunts in Northwest Forest finally paid off! Anyone who knows me knows that since forever I've been hollering about my mighty prowess as a warrior. Now that I've finally achieved the rank of 4th circle, I think I can honestly say, "I am a PRETTY GOOD warrior in THE WORLD!"

16 Aug 2002

Dungeons and Dragons

I feel oddly drained of emotion. The process of writing a review of Dungeons and Dragons has burned off most of my frustration and disappointment with the film. If I watched it a second time, do you think I'd still hate it as much as I did the first?

13 Aug 2002

Slow learner

Part One: I've been cured of the Lyfelidae disease all of a zodiac and a half, and what do I do? I go on another rescue mission to KI and fall to a lyfe. No shape-changing this time, but... what would Aeaea say if he knew his little sis was a recidivist?

Part Two: They told me. They all told me. They told me it was too awful even to be fun. I thought I was prepared. I was not. Not only was Dungeons & Dragons the worst movie I have seen in recent months, but the disappointment of its betrayal of its namesake utterly crushed the few redeeming virtues it had. I hope to be able to rise above my despair enough to elaborate on this.

02 Aug 2002

Alex and Conny got a dog. You know what that means. Yup, see for yourself.

How do they decide who gets to wear the leash?

01 Aug 2002

I have the lyfe cure already. Friends rock.

30 July 2002

How's Lyfe

Egads! I've been Lyfed! Enlyfled! Turned into a slobbering werecat thing. If you see me in the lands, have a little patience. Although I can think well enough to squeeze off the occasional sunstone message, when I'm in Lyfelidae form my vocal chords don't work right.

I guess you could say my first trip to the cove on the east side of KI was memorable. I'm now trying to assemble the components to get myself cured. Wormy sold me some Lyfe fur and a Scramis egg. If you want to help cure me of the Lyfe disease, talk to me or one of my clan sisters in the lands, or drop me an email.

19 July 2002

I'm now fairly happy with this page, which is nearly identical to the original page wizard version but with nearly half of the code thrown away.

18 July 2002

Although I created this page as a lark, true to my word, I am cleaning up the execrable HTML that the page wizard spit out to make this page. Do not follow my sad example making your own web pages! If it weren't for the Hello Kitty dingbats, I wouldn't touch the page wizard with a headless halberd.
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