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Welcome to the newest Minis, ToriAnn and Ebony!

wedding bell

Ding dong, the bells are gonna chime... Our beloved sister Elise is engaged to be married to Tigger! The wedding will take place on May 25, 2003 at 8 PM PDT.

Welcome to the newest Minis, Larea and Xuxu!

Wow, things don't stop happening when you forget to update the news page. Maybe some time I'll write about them.


OotM isn't as structured as some clans, but some core values are important to us.

Some values are more equal than others, ya know?


The Minis are an old clan, dating back to before the Ripture War. Many sisters have come and gone, and I'm sure I don't know all of them.

Active Minis

Zyzyz and MalaSome Minis More Minis

These are the Minis that have been seen in the lands recently.

  • Adelaide
  • Caesia
  • Callia
  • Ebony
  • Elise
  • Fluffi
  • Ghoti
  • Larea
  • Mala
  • Mandy
  • Mattie
  • Mona
  • Peach
  • Ruby
  • Soulsword
  • Sparrow
  • Stacey
  • ToriAnn
  • Viviana
  • Xuxu
  • Zyzyz
Ruby and Zyzyz Minis doing Mini stuff

Fondly remembered

You will be assimilated.

All good things come to an end. Some Minis have left the clan, or are no longer seen in Puddleby. To them, we say: Family is forever! You'll always be a Mini.

  • Allinca
  • Aughra
  • Barbie Girl
  • Bathory
  • Diotima
  • Electra
  • J'dy
  • Makie
  • Maquiladora
  • Santeria
  • Skyla Lyma
  • Solome


wedding bellMakie got to be too much of a pain for the Mystics (or vice versa), so she surrendered all of her Mystic secrets and stuff and became a fighter. In the process, those sneaky Mystics made Makie single again. Makie and Mona wasted no time in renewing their vows.

The Minis had a joint hunt together with the Winds of Dawn on (OOC) Saturday, April 27. Fifteen exiles journeyed into the drake den on Devil's Island, and nobody had to depart! That counts as a success in my book.

wedding bell

Ding dong, the bells are gonna chime... Two of our sisters are now married. To each other! Please join us in offering congratulations and best wishes to Makie and Mona.

Party!!! The Minis held a reception for Makie and Mona on (OOC) Saturday, April 20, at 9:00 pm PDT. Thanks to everyone who attended and made the party a success!

Thanks to everyone who helped settle an argument between Caesia and Makie over which is the better hair color, blonde or black. Be sure to greet them next time you see them and compliment them on their lovely pink hair!pink minis

Thanks to everyone who came and made our 12th birthday party a success! Special thanks to Elise for doing all the planning, and to Slyph and the Slyphonics for providing the entertainment.

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