Radio Promo From: "Amazing Thrills In 3-D"
Eric Estrotica - Live In Sheffield England 3/18/95 From: "Saturday Night Special"
Joker's Wild (Live) From: "Attaining The Supreme"
Mr. Goodchoices Meatpacking Accident From: "Good Thyme Jhamboree"
Eisenhower And The Hippies From: "Oh Canaduh!"
Creature In The Surfer's Lagoon From: "Creature Feature Flexi"
Phillip K. Dick In The Pet Section Of A Wal Mart (Vocal Version) From: Limited Edition Cassette
Radio Fission From: "Needles In The Cosmic Haystack"
Calling Hong Kong From: "Needles In The Cosmic Haystack"

All Of These Files Were Made By Me Using My Own Personal Discs 



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