Lens-Board-To-Body Coupling Points
things to watch for when reassambling.
© refinder 04/09/2006
before putting the lens board back on, turn the film advance lever if necessary so that this hole, (left arrow), lines up with the shutter release shaft. otherwise the shutter release shaft will have no room to travel downwards, and the shutter won't be able to be released.
when winding film, the winding shaft transmits the action to gears and levers in the bottom of the camera, which in turn cause this black lever, (right arrow), to move left. it then pushes the chrome shutter charging lever, extending down from the shutter assembly in the lens, (just to the left of the black lever in the picture), and thus charges the shutter.
when reassembling, this black lever must be positioned to the right of the chrome shutter charging lever. this is probably why the repair manual recomends reassambly with the shutter charged, for when charged, the shutter charging lever will move to the left, making room to its right.
before putting the lens board back onto the body, ensure that this notch-roller-lever assambly group is in such a relationship.
the fork on the shutter release ring needs to engage the pin connected to the shutter release shaft.

the pin at the end of the EV lever on the lens board needs to fit in the hole on the exposure meter.
the coupling of the rangefinder lever to the helicoid will happen automatically, there's nothing specail here.
remember to hook this spring back after the lens board is put back on.
Hi-Matic 9 Repair