Shawn and I met at a Hope group, which is a home bible study through our church here in College Station...  We first met in January but nothing beyond friendship came into play until the beginning of the summer.  That was when I first felt like there could be something between us... 

But then I was leaving for a study abroad in Mexico for 5 weeks.  The weekend before I left he tried to call me but I wasn't there and I didn't have time to call him back.  So I got his email address and wrote to him while I was gone...  That was fun and every time I got an email I was giddy:)  My roommate just laughed at me! 

When I got back I went to church for the first time and I saw him and said hi.  He asked if Brandy and I wanted to go to lunch and of course we went!  That was the first time we saw each other outside of church.  We went to Johnny Carino's, I love Italian food!  It was different from any other time that I have gone to eat lunch because the main thing we talked about was  marriage and how we saw our lives turning out.  He seemed to be very full of questions!  Then when he was talking about the things he feels he is supposed to be doing with his life, I just was thinking how I wanted to do those things too!  So I said, "Ok, let's just get married right now!"  I'm not sure where that came from, but I must have the gift of prophecy cause here we are getting hitched!  :)  So that was our joke for a while...

Anyways, from there things just kept progressing, and the next week I went with him to his hometown and got to meet his parents.  They are really nice.  I didn't get to see much of them though...  We did get to explore his Papaw's ranch on the 4-wheeler though!  That was fun.  I think I kind of scared Shawn with my driving:)

That night after we went to Lometa, we went to Hope Group as usual...  After bible study we always hang out for a while and talk to everyone.  This time was no different, but then Shawn was talking to Scott and Roy, and he asked me to wait outside for him while he talked a little longer.  I knew he was talking about what was going on between us.  I wondered what it was of course!  But when he came out grinning I knew it had to be good:)  So I had a good feeling all that night just seeing him smile and knowing that God was doing something really cool between us.  That night I was praying for Shawn, that he would know what was supposed to come next with us and that I would be ok with that. 

Well the next night I went over to his house and we sat on his tailgate and talked.  He told me that night that the Lord had been revealing things to him, and that he knew that I was the one he was supposed to marry!!!  He made me bring up the subject though!   I just told him that I saw a future for us, and he asked me what I meant by that.  I said that I was looking for marriage.  And that's when he actually told me.  I was just smiling because right then I knew that this was the man I would spend the rest of my life with!  That was such an awesome feeling.  Of course I am still in awe of all that has happened over the last two months!  The time when we went to Johnny Carino's was on June 29, 2003.  We decided the date of the wedding on July 29th.  It was going to be March 13th, but we moved it up to December:)  We know that God has brought all of this to fruition and we are so thankful for that. 
Well, we've been married over a year now and it has definitely been an adventure!  We have learned so much about one another and about marriage itself.  We have finally started to get into a rhythm we are both comfortable with, accepting each other as we are even if we are both imperfect and annoying at times!!  I wouldn't trade it for the world!  Shawn is definitely my opposite in many ways, but I guess God knew what he was doing putting us together.  We complement one another and we are able to help each other along... Of course our lives are about to change dramatically in about oh... 9 months!