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    Allan & Ruth Pearson
    Why we joined the DHS Club
  Bringing the World's Stores into your Home
    to get Great Discounts & Rewards for Shopping!
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Hello, my name is Allan Pearson.

I want to introduce myself and tell you how Ruth and I became involved with the DHS Club. I could see the potential of having my own home business based on the Internet. Unfortunately, I didn't have a clue what to do as the internet was the vast unknown to me - but I could see its potential. One day, I was searching on the internet for FREE home businesses and I came across something called the DHS Club. So I followed the links to find out more. After having a look I signed up for the free membership, as I figured with a free membership I couldn't see how I could lose.

Without having to put up a cent, I was able to look around the comprehensive DHS Club website to learn more about The DHS Club and how it worked. We could tell that this business was different. No hype or expensive products, just a great way to save money by shopping on the internet and getting a residual income opportunity too - simply by creating an International Buyers Co-operative! Even some of the stores in the mall were stores that we were already using like - Vistaprint, Skype, and Ebay.

Shopping, the Internet, commissions, and the real potential for building a genuine internet marketing business--what an intriguing combination! I could see that there was real potential with the DHS Club opportunity. So I decided to subscribe to the ClubAdvantage Business Building System and Training Program and upgrade to become VIP members. It was just $49.95USD (with a 30 day money back guarantee - if we didn't like it) and $25USD monthly after that (and with the 2 for $25 Guarantee - even our monthly subscription fee could be fully paid for), which was great for our budget, but it seemed too small an investment for such a big opportunity. Boy were we wrong!

And now our business is growing, and growing, now having reached the managerial role of BUILDER TEAM COACH and also the BRONZE MANAGER Pay Level, we can see the Income Potential is real.

Our DHS Club business was definitely not built overnight, but real steady business growth has occurred, which will help to give us a true residual income over the coming years, just by following the 10 steps outlined in ClubAdvantage Business Building System and Training Program!

You, too, can sign up for a FREE membership. You can even watch your downline grow as you evaluate the Club.

Do YOU want your own home business? Only you can decide if the Club is for you. But just as I did, you can sign up for FREE while you make your decision to make the DHS Club a real work-from-home International business.

It is delightful to work at home. You can work on your own schedule, with no boss breathing down your neck.

By the way, VIP membership comes with FREE online training and a 30-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE! Whether you join as a VIP or as a FREE Member, either way you can't lose.

Best Regards,

Allan Pearson
Team Coach
Bronze Manager

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