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Hot Rods to Go is a concept , of which this web page is only a small part (and the only part that is currently a reality). As for the web page, I have assembled a collection of pictures of Hot Rods, Street Rods, Customs, and Classic cars and truck. The plan is to display a different one each week as well as having an archive of previous pictures. Due to changes made by Yahoo! after aquiring GeoCities I've been moving my web site to TerraShare, but due to the demise of Terrashare my full site is being moved to Hotrodder.Com and still (yet again) haven't gotten all the links re-targeted. But wait, yet again my site is moving. This time I registered my own domain and am having it hosted. One of these days I'll get back to weekly updates (I do apologize). I now have a DSL connection, but it sure took a lot of calling dumb people at Qwest to figure out the problems before it would work. And I thought US West was bad. But now we have earthlink DSL (slightly cheaper and no Qwest/US West involved).

The pictures I display are mostly pictures I've taken as an amature photographer, but I accept submissions of pictures and have displayed a number of such shots. All submissions are welcome, but if it "aint" pretty...... Well look around and come to your own conclusions. Although I'm looking at possible adding an "rods under construction" section as well as pictures and descriptions as I work thourgh my first project of re-building my '47 Ford. Got put a Ford (engine) back in my Ford (truck), I've trashed two chevy motors in two years (not my fault!), plus as I've tried just adding some personal touches I've found out how much of my truck was "jerry-rigged" and where sloppy work was done. I have also supplied pictures of my own collection of vehicles (past and present) for those that are curious.

I think that covers most of the jibber jabber, but if you think I left something out please let me know.

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Pictures of my own personal streetrod and other vehicles I have owned are now available. I bought a '47 Ford Pickup/StreetRod that is mostly finished. Check out my road trip story.

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