Welcome anime lover ! This site is dedicated to the music of Tokimeki Memorial. You can find and download almost all Tokimeki albums that were released.

Total songs listed          :  almost 200 songs
Total space they taken :  almost 800 MB

These mp3's are for *evaluation purposes only!* After 24 hours from the point the download finishes, you must delete these files unless you own the album or single the songs come from or you've already bought the album or single and are waiting for it to arrive in the mail. I'm doing this to help promote fandom of Tokimeki Memorial in the non-Japanese-speaking world, hopefully enough to the point that Konami will translate and sell Tokimemo in English. I really don't want to have this come back and haunt me. ^^; So, I will not be held responsible for what you do with the files after you download them. By downloading the files, you agree to the previous statements. If you cannot agree, please do not download.

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The Albums:
My Sweet Valentine
Kaze no Tobira

Over the Rainbow

Niji No Lithograph

My Sweet Days

Dream of You



Otome Soumu

Blooming Stories Vol 1: Miyuki

Blooming Stories Vol 2: Kaori

Blooming Stories Vol 3: Miho & Maho

Tokimemo Fantastic Christmas Party

Tokimemo Vocal Best Collection 1

Tokimemo Vocal Best Collection 2

Tokimemo Vocal Best Collection 5

Tokimemo Vocal Best Collection 6

Tokimemo Vocal Best Collection Encore Special

Tokimemo 2 Vocal Collection 1

Tokimemo 2 Vocal Collection 2

Tabidachi no Uta

Tokimemo OVA Soundtrack

TM2 Substories! Dancing Summer Vacation

The Singles:

Hikari's First Single

Hikari's Second Single

Ayako's First Single

Mio's First Single

Game and "Lost" Tracks

All of these songs are Copyright of Konami