Sponsors of "At the Table" Series, Where Discourse Is Our Main Course
Sponsors of the "At the Table" Series,
Where Discourse is our Main Course
Thank you to all who attended our "At The Table" salon event, featuring Gloria Steinem and Maureen Britell of Voters for Choice on February 5th. 
From Left:  Chris Essel, Gloria Steinem, Fran Inman, Maxene Johnston, Laurie Saffian, Marilyn Barrett, Maureen Britell, Patt Morrison
Photo by Cheryl Thomas
THE LEADERSHIP CONNECTION is about bringing people together - introducing those who have a yearning to change their communities to those in leadership positions who can help make it happen.

CONNECTION is the operative term - linking women with decision-makers, opinion leaders and informative experts on current issues and events.

The women of THE LEADERSHIP CONNECTION, as part of our work and out of personal desire, have long been committed to creating tangible changes by identifying innovative solutions - whether it be through organizing support for a particular cause, educating the public or press on issues, working to amend laws or simply writing letters to elected officials.

But with such a hectic and rapidly evolving world around us, it's not easy to know how or where to help.

It occurred to us that many women were looking for current insights on how best to participate.  Our intention is to create a comfortable environment where women can exchange information, share their views and explore ways their aspirations can be translated into action.

Hence, the "At the Table" salon -
where discourse is our main course.
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