Bandy started in Estonia in 1912 and championships were held 1916-18, 1920-24 & 1926-1935. Kalev Tallinn were the first champions (1916-1919) and thereafter Sport Tallinn dominated, winning 11 of the remaining campionships. Other strongholds were Narva and Tartu.

Between the world wars Estonia played against Finland six times, but the results (0-22, 0-4, 2-5, 0-10, 2-4 & 3-6) were not very encouraging and the introduction on icehockey (which doesn't need such large ice surface) ment the death for the Estonian bandy. Bandy was also played in Estonia while it was part of the Soviet Union, but is virtually non-existent today.

Finnish bandy enthusiasts are currently trying to re-vitalise bandy in Estonia, but outdoor artifical ice is needed for this to happen .