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Teaching music, dance and art, as well as teaching other core subjects by utilizing these arts, does more than just offer a child entertainment. It allows a child to explore their feelings and ideas and inspires them to think in ways that expand their personal vision. It develops the use of their creative minds as it applies to how they make choices, problem solve and how they relate to others. It taps into their very essence and enriches their lives with the wonder of their own imaginations.

"More important than teaching a child what to think is teaching them how to think. I believe learning to look at the world as a place filled with endless possibility expands a child's horizon's and paves the way for a life that will rise up to meet them. My children's music and books work to teach children that no matter who they are or where they come from they can use the creative potential that lies in each of them to make a difference in their own lives and in the lives of others."
Bunny Hull

Do you think you make a difference in the world?

Why are you important?

Where do dreams come from?

These are some of the questions that Bunny Hull asks children to think about...and she uses music and art to help them find the answers.

Hull, a Grammy Award winning songwriter founded Dream A World to make a difference in the lives of children 3 to 10. Three National Parenting Publication Awards, a Dr. Toy Award and a Parent's Guide To Children's Media Award later, she continues to fill a need for children by creating educational tools which offer parents, teachers and kids an original and entertaining approach to positive self-development using music as the key.

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"Where Do Dreams Come From"

Featured in the upcoming issue of "Child Art Magazine," the publication of Washington D.C.'s International Child Art Foundation, Hull's "A Drop of Peace" workshop is highlighted for using music and art to teach children how they make a difference in the world. Her commitment to community and school outreach include workshops with City Hearts, and guest appearances with American Repertory Dance Company's "Stories of Heroes" where she recently performed her award winning "Peace in Our Land" for 2,200 children at a Design for Sharing event at UCLA's Royce Hall. In addition Hull's invitation by ARDC's director Bonnie Oda Homsey to participate in "The Heroes Project", inspired music component, "Free To Be Me," a curriculum which has already been taught by Hull and currently used by teachers and arts coordinators within the Los Angeles Unified School District.

"Stories of Heroes" performances touched over 4,500 children in the LAUSD School district with music and dance at the following venues:

Cerritos Center For The Performing Arts
UCLA's Royce Hall
The Alex Theatre, Glendale, California

These performance were made possible by : California Arts Council's Exemplary Arts, LAUSD District K & F, the Honorable Michael D. Antonovich and Design For Sharing.

There have been tremendous budget cuts for the Arts for 2004. If you would like to help make sure this program and others continue to touch the lives of children, please contact: American Repertory Dance Company's artistic director Bonnie Homsey. bhomsey@earthlink.net

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