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A Child's Spirit
National Parenting Publications Award Winner.
Our first release, goes beyond religion, race and color to enhance a child's spiritual growth and promote self-esteem. Los Angeles' famed bookstore The Bodhi Tree claims, "'A Child's Spirit' is our biggest selling children's album ever". Suggested for children ages 3-10.
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Creative World
Our second release is designed to open children to their creative power and to introduce them to ideas which promote a positive outlook on life. "Creative World" is written for children of all ages and holds a collection of fourteen original songs that are colorful, fun and reminiscent of some of the greatest children's classics. A great companion to "A Child's Spirit"! Suggested for children ages 3-10.
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Happy Happy Kwanzaa: Kwanzaa For The World
National Parenting Publications Award Winner
From world-renowned artist Synthia Saint James, creator of the U.S. Kwanzaa postal stamp, and Bunny Hull, comes his wonderful, multicultural children's package. It includes the original song "Happy Happy Kwanzaa" along with an original story, "A Family Kwanzaa." Activity pack contains cassette or CD, sing-a-long coloring book featuring the art of Synthia Saint James, and a package of crayons. Suggested for children ages 3-10.
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Alphabet Affirmations: Positive Affirmations for Children
Recommended by the American Library Journal
This Activity Pack helps children learn the alphabet while they sing along with positive self-affirmations expressed in original song. It creates a pathway for a child to learn affirmative thinking and includes music and story by Grammy Award winning songwriter, Bunny Hull on cassette or CD, with an activity book featuring the songs' lyrics and the art of Synthia Saint James, an American Library Award Winning artist. Suggested for children ages 3-10.
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"Peace In Our Land" -- the CD single
This single release from the "Peace In Our Land: Children Celebrating Diversity Package" is a perfect addition to school music libraries for events and programs. Proceeds from the sale benefit children's charities. Suggested for children ages 3-10.
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Peace In Our Land: Children Celebrating Diversity
Dr. Toy Best Vacation Product 2002, Parent's Guide to Children's Media Award Winner
This package from Grammy®-Award winner Bunny Hull and acclaimed artist Synthia Saint James, features nine tracks of original music and story on cassette or CD accompanied by a 24-page activity book. Interactive drawings, a read-a-long story, creative exercises, song lyrics and classic songs come together to illustrate the beauty of our differences and the wonder of all we share in common. Specifically designed to teach children about peace and diversity through music, art and storytelling. Suggested for children ages 5-10.
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Dream A World: A Child's Journey To Self-Discovery
The "Dream A World" activity kit is a magical adventure in self-discovery for children. Using the creative arts-original music, drawing, story, poetry, songwriting and creative exercises-it conveys the importance of having dreams and explores the creative process involved in achieving them! Also available: CD Only (no book)
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