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Illustrated Episode Summaries
First Season Missing Episodes
Episode 5 "The Demonic Scent! Schanerla Steals Love"
Episode 6 "Protect the Song of Love! Serena Plays Cupid"
Episode 20 "Summer! The Sea! Our Youth! Also... a Ghost!"
Episode 42 "Sailor Venus' Past: Mina's Blighted Love"
Sailor Moon R Original Ending
Episode 73 "Rubeus' UFO Appears! The Sailor Senshi Taken Hostage!"
Episode 74 "Go and Beat Up Rubeus! A Battle in Space"
Episode 82 "Journey to the Future! The Battle in the Time Tunnel!"
Episode 83 "Battle in the Future! Dimando's Ambition!"
Episode 84: "Wiseman's Dark Hand. Destroy Rini!"
Episode 85: "Queen of Darkness! The Birth of Black Lady"
Episode 86: "Safiel falls! Wiseman's Trap"
Episode 87: "Believe in Love and Future! Serena's Will-Power"
Episode 88: "Final Battle Between Light and Darkness! Pledging Love to the Future"
SuperS Specials
Ami-chan no Hatsukoi (Amy's First Love)
The Return of Haruka and Michiru! The Ghostly Puppet Show
Chibi-Usa's Adventure! The Dreaded Vampire Castle
Lost Series: Sailor Stars - Nehelenia Arc
Episode 1 - Time When The Nightmare Flowers Are Sown! The Dark Queen Is Resurrected
Episode 2 - Saturn Awakens! Ten Sailors Join Together
Episode 3 - The Cursed Mirror! Mamoru Trapped in A Nightmare!
Episode 4 - The Fated Night! The Trial of the Sailor Senshi!
Episode 5 - For the Sake of Love! Endless Battle in the Dark World!
Episode 6 - The Moon's Power of Love! End of the Nightmare!

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