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                          This site is established to share the world of Cavaliers to others.

After being involved in the family business for 25+ years and working as an Oncology Research Nurse for another 10 years, I realized that my life centered around doing for others.  There were not many things thru my life that I could claim that was "JustfourMe",  that I did for my own selfish reasons of pure enjoyment - other than my dogs.  Therefore when I finally came of age in the dog world and felt that I needed a name --- JustfourMe was born.

Like many, the role of holder, mover, kennel help, assistant, video taper, driver, welper assistant, have all been positions that I have held at one time or another.  My mentors in the dog world have come from the sporting and terrier breeds and the competitive obedience world. This site is a combination of observations, suggestions, directions, links to other sites.  This site will change as needed, as things happen in life and in the dog world, so check back.

Am I involved in the fancy in any formal way -- Yes.  Have I had any litters over the years,  very few. I have had 5 litters in the 26 years that I have been in dogs. Like most, I have only had a litter when I thought I could improve and add to the breed. Do I show my dogs in conformination and obedience - Yes (when they are ready).  Member of the 2 national breed clubs, foreign member of the English Cavalier Club, and member of local all-breed club -- Board of Directors 1995-1998, Treasurer - 1998-2004. You can email me at: cavalier@icedry.com or look at my other site -- www.ckcs4me.com -- its currently under construction (as of 6/30/2005)

08/17/98---updated 06/30/2005