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Tatting Links

Links to free tatting patterns/instruction.

Tatting Treasures Tatted Heart PICONET
Shuttle Tatting Lessons Tatting: A Beginner's Guide TATTERED
Snowgoose Tatting Lessons Shuttle Tatting Demo (online video) Handy Hands Tatting

Recommended Books For Beginning Tatting and Small Motif Projects

(If the title is clickable, the book is available at

Needle Tatting (Revised Ed), by Barbara Foster, ISBN 1-883432-05-7
(Very well-illustrated how-to needle tat book, include beginning projects.)

Needle Tatting With Style - Book 1, by Barbara Foster ISBN 1-883432-03-0
(Try Lacis for this book.

(Well-illustrated needle tatting patterns, with instructions for split-ring tatting and simple patterns for small motifs, doilies and edgings.)

The Tatters Treasure Chest, Edited by Mary Carolyn Waldrep, ISBN 0-486-26355-X
A collection of tatting patterns--edgings, motifs, doilies, etc. from the 1930's onward.
96 pages.
Some shuttle tattng instruction included.

Tatted Snowflakes, Vida Sunderman, ISBN 0-486-28303-8
A collection of 3-4" tatted snowflake motifs.
32 pages.
Some shuttle tatting instruction included.

Tatting Hearts, Teri Dusenbury, ISBN 0-486-28071-3
A collection of tatted heart motifs.
32 pages.
Some shuttle tatting instruction included.

Tatting Butterflies, Teri Dusenbury, ISBN 0-486-29665-2
A collection of tatted butterfly motifs.
32 pages.
Some shuttle tatting instruction included.

Elegant Tatting Patterns, Janet Carroll, ISBN 0-486-29149-9
A collection of tatted doilies, edgings, ornaments, etc..
32 pages.
Some shuttle tatting instruction included.

Tatting Doilies and Edgings, by Rita Weiss; ISBN 0-486-24051-7
For those completely new to tatting as well as experienced tatters, this book provides step-by-step instructions, including how to wind and work with the shuttle and make all of the stitches necessary to compete the projects. Includes 79 patterns. 40 illustrations.

Picot Lace Designs I, Sandy Forrington, ISBN 0-964-23951-5
Spiral bound, 56 pages. Tatted headband, earrings, barrette...

Tatting Videos

(If the title is clickable, the video is available at

Tatting 1: Basics, by Mildred Clark; ISBN 6-302-14967-3
(Shuttle Tatting Video)
You learn the basic stitch, picots, joinings and how to create chains and rings in the traditional shuttle tatting method. You will work a two color edging, and learn how to apply the edging to a project. You will learn the vocabulary and how to successfully read a pattern.

Tatting 2: Beyond the Basics, by Mildred Clark; ISBN 6-302-149636-3
(Shuttle Tatting Video)
Learn more complex techniques - among them: the rolled, twisted, and Josephine stitches; how to make fewer thread ends to handle; another way to attach tatting to fabric; beading; and two shuttle tatting.

Needle Tatting, by Barbara Foster; ISBN 6-304-18971-5
(Needle Tatting Video)
You will learn the double stitch (for right and left handers), picots, joining, rings, chains, working off the ball, reversing the work, split rings, joining rings, joining to a doily, how to add beads, etc.

Your recommendations are welcome! Do you have a favorite book on tatting? Click on this shuttle, and send me the info. Thanks!
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