Derry Wilkie & The Pressmen


Bob Pears - bass guitar/vocals

Ritchie Prescott - guitar/piano

Dave Roberts - rhythm guitar/baritone saxophone

Tommy Bennett/Aynsley Dunbar - drums

Phil Kenzie - tenor saxophone

Derry Wilkie - vocals


Formed in 1959, the Pressmen were a regular attraction at the Kraal Club, New Brighton, with bass guitarist Bob Pears handling the vocal duties. By the early sixties they had become the first of the Liverpool groups to utilise two saxophonists which allowed them to expand their repertoire beyond the usual staple of rock 'n' roll (Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley, etc.) and include versions of early soul records in their stage act.

During the spring of '63 they decided to add a frontman to the group and held auditions. The position was won by the dynamic Derry Wilkie (ex Howie Casey & The Seniors). The liason proved short-lived, however, and in January 1964 the band split into two factions. Wilkie and saxophonist Phil Kenzie forming a new band - Derry Wilkie & The Others, while the remainder of the group carried on as The Flamingos.

Derry Wilkie & The Others toured all over the United Kingdom and Germany for the next two years but never managed to make a breakthrough. In May '64 The Flamingos replaced The Midnighters as Freddie Starr's backing band for a few months before disbanding that autumn.