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National Anthem:Hasten Towards glory and prominence,
Glorify the Creator of the heavens,
And hoist the green fluttering banner
Displaying the luminous (testimony)utterance.
Repeat(the words):Allah is Great
O my homeland.
Long live my homeland,
a source of pride for Muslims,
Long live the King(to safeguard)
the flag and the homeland.
Nejran City
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Saudi Arabia Kingdom
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Al-hilal Club
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king Abd al-Aziz Al Sa'ud, One hundred years ago (01-15-1902)a small number of men from the house of Sa'ud recaptured Riyadh's citadel, a mud-brick fortress called al-Masmak.
Al-ahli Club
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Sharurah City
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Al-yami Home Page
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This is personal home page, I do not represent any body else: Welcome to my loving country, and my loving people.
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On the sides,The arabian stallion Horses.
Down,The desert ship, arabian
Above,the arabian
falcon( Garnas Horr).