1. John SOUTER was born before 1765 in Pa., Lived in Balt. Co., Md. in 1810. Research Salt Lake City, Utah by Cherry Kinnunen 4/2000:
1810 census, Baltimore, Maryland pg. 553 Pipe Creek and North Hundred #019366 FHL:
John Souter - Head of Household
1 male age 10 - 16
1 male age 16 - 26
1 male age 45+
1 female age 16 - 26
1 female age 45+

This is the earliest record we have of John Souter at this time. The theory is that this is the father and mother of John Souder who married Verlynda Cross in 1814 in Baltimore, Md. The parents appear to be over age 45. That is how I estimated the age of John Souter. He could be older than this age. John Souder was in Baltimore, Md. at least 4 years before he married Verlynda Cross.

There is a Conrad Souder and a Godfrey Souder in Baltimore, Md. listed in the 1810 census. Also listed 1810 in Maryland are: Anthony Souder in Frederick, Md., Henry Sowder in Wash., Co., Felia Souder b. 175? living in Wash., Co., Adam Souder in Frederick Co. I suspect that Godfrey and Conrad are related to John Souter.
We do not know the names of any siblings of John Souder.

Early arrivals:
Peter Sauter arrived Philadelphia 25 Sep 1732 on "Loyal Judith".
Thomas Sauder 19 Sept. 1732 on "Johnson ".
Phillip Sauter 20 Sept. 1738 "Nancy Friendship"
Christian Suder 1 Sept 1736 Philadelphia "Harle" (From Rotterdam) age 23
Christain Suder b. abt. 1713 d. 1774, he bought a farm in New Britan Township,
Bucks Co., Pa. In 1755 Christian bought the farm on Church Rd near Indian Creek reformed Church. The Souders own the farm to this day.( This is the Christian Souder/Kraybill/Clemmer/ Oberholtzer/Funk/Kolb/Allebach/Bechtel/ Families)
Johannes Sauter Dec 1744 "Mascliffe Gallery"
Christian Souder 27 Oct 1738 "St. Andrew Ship"

The Sauder family found in this country originally were Swiss Germans, Palatines, who moved down along the Rhine River to the coast and embarked for America. These imigrants came to Pennsylvania at various times from 1729 to 1752 and settled in Montgomery, Lancaster and Berks Counties.

"According to Heintze-Cascorbi, the name Sauder means a "Haher", that is one that closes things together; therefore a shoemaker or tailor. In the ancient German and early American records the name is found in its various forms of Sauter, Sauder, Souder, Souter, Suder, Suter, Suttor, and Sutor."

John SOUTER had the following children:

child+2 i. John SOUDER.

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