Some Bogus Items

The 1868 (?) Ship Essay

To me it is most doubtful that this essay was produced in 1868 in-so-far as the War of the Triple Alliance was going on at this time. I suspect the essay was produced earlier but that the lithographed counterfeits were not released till this time.

The genuine essay is Engraved, perf 11 . Clarence Brazer in an article in the Essay Proof Journal showed that it most likely was a product of Butler & Carpenter.

Other characteristics of the genuine:
Shading of sky is diagonal lines
Nine double lines across right lower value tablet
One of these lines coming down to the ship's bowsprit comes to 1mm of its end
Seal in foreground appears to be partly submerged
Smoke from ship's funnel blows across to end well above the small yacht.

Forgery #1

Lithographed, perf 12
Shading of sky is cross-hatching at top and horizontal lines around ship
Six double lines across right lower value tablet
One of these lines down to bowsprit dones to the end
Seal in foreground appears to be on a rock
Smoke blows over and almost touches the tip of the yacht.

Forgery #2

Lithographed, Perf 12 (may be a second state of Forgery #1)
Shading in sky as in first forgery but with much less heavy shading, so that it appears that fewer clouds are in sky
Six double lines across lower right value tablet
One of these lines comes down to the bowsprit's end
Seal in foreground appears to be on a rock
Smoke ends to the right of the yacht

Forgery #3

Lithographed, Imperf or about 12
Top half of sky shaded with very heavy horizontal lines : lower half is all cloud
Twelve double lines across lower right value tablet. Also value figures taller and thinner
Only one single line comes down to the bowsprit (shich almost touches the oval frame)
Seal appears to be on dry land and closer to the frame
Smoke passes right over the yacht and touches its top.
Melville's illustration in "Phantom Philately"

The Lion Essay

Although all the philatelic literature states this was produced in 1862, I suspect it more likely to have been produced in 1853-54 when Francisco Lopez was in Europe since the design was used on paper money in the 1860's.

The original is Engraved, Imperf

75 pearls around oval
Corner stars are either neat with segments divided or on some solid
Lion's left front leg divided at joint
Single line of shading in lower half of Phrygian Cap
Lettering clear, neat and small
Shading on Lion's shoulder like large script W
Lion's tail bent with a neat tuft at end
Lion's face very distinct - the eyes are oblong blobs
Pole holding cap is broken twice near the tip and it does not touch the cap : also visible between the lion's legs
The information on the forgeries has been deleted as it has been proven to me that the information given was not correct in some cases. I shall be redoing this section with the new, corrected information shortly.

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