1904 Issues

In August 1904 a new issue, a 10c blue, was issued because of the success of a Revolution. Little is known about this issue and the only multiple I have recorded is a block of 4, with the only variety being an imperf pair.

It is claimed that the quantity issued was very small and only the light blue stamp was issued. There is a dark blue shade of this stamp which is claimed to be a counterfeit.

I record only one cover with this issue, a 4c postal card with the 10c from Asuncion on 7 Jan 1906 to Germany.

30c on 10c blue

Isssued on 12 December 1904 to commemorate the peace treaty between revolutionaries and government forces, it is reoprted to have been issued in a quanity of 1500 with the dark blue stamps reported to be counterfeits. THe sheet size is 100 (10 x 10). I record a block of 4 as the largest multiple of this stamp, although at least 2 sheets of 100 of the counterfeit exist.

The only varietie I record is a double overprint with one inverted, although GIbbons states that all varieties are fakes.

I have no records of any essays, proofs or covers of this issue.