About our drum loops

Welcome to Drum loop Central! As of 08/30/05, We will no longer be updating this website. We existed simply to bring you some kickin' loops & previews from electronisounds.com - now you can download ALL the previews from their website directly. They have over 25 original .wav format sample CD's in their catalog, each of which have FREE previews available for download. They've also expanded their product line to include: WAV CD's, Reason Refills, Soundfont CD's, Audio CD's, Electribe ES-1 Soundbanks, Roland SP-606 Soundbanks, Roland MC-505 Soundbanks! Head on over to their site, you can download over 200 FREE .wav format preview samples directly. They also have free downloadable demos of their soundfonts and Reason refills!

We've still got a few un-released drum loops from JUNEBUG (head producer at electronisounds), so download 'em while you can!

135-JUNEBUG_BEAT-1.wav : (ADDED ON 11/17/02)
This could be classified as an "Electro", or "Tekno" type of drum loop.
It's got a 'lil stank on it...
120-JUNEBUG_BEAT-1.wav : (ADDED ON 10/18/00)
This could be classified as a "Break-Beat", or "Hip-Hop" type of drum loop.
It contains some light record noise as well. Can you say PHUNKY?
150-JUNEBUG_BEAT-1.wav : (ADDED ON 10/23/00)
This beat is PERFECT for: Break-Beat, Big-Beat or Drum & Bass.
It's got a HARD-HITTING edge for you agressive techno makers. ENJOY!
120-JUNEBUG_BEAT-2.wav : (ADDED ON 10/24/00)
This loop will appease Big-Beat, & Hip-Hop producers - it will pump your mix allright!