Ruth Freitag of the Library of Congress has provided us with a list of sources of photographs and slides of Halley’s Comet, 1985-86 available from a variety of sources.  Also, we have a list of 90 countries and postal authorities that have issued Halley’s Comet postage stamps.  You can receive both lists by sending a stamped, self-addressed envelope to HCW.  Also, if you’d like to receive Halley’s Comet souvenirs for your own Time Capsule, there are still some “Comet Grab Bags” available for $5, $10, or $25.  Each contains a large assortment of collectibles.  The value of each box is at least ten times the price.  Address all inquiries to Halley’s Comet Watch ’86, 9 Smith Court, Vincentown, NJ 08088.




St. Mary’s Church, Lancaster, Ohio, was decorated with hundreds of yards of white tulle, sprinkled with thousands of white lights in the form of Halley’s Comet, designed by artist Luciano Chesini, as the Columbus Symphony Chamber Orchestra and Chorus rehearses Mozart’s REQUIEM.

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