By Dr. Alice Kinninger



  Is a “WARM FUZZY”…

    For you see

       A “Halley Two-Timer”, I be.


Great scientists say that HALLEY is just dust and ice!

  But I think that way to speak of it, is not very nice –

    For to me, it’s meeting again, a long lost friend…

      One I first met 75 years ago (years after year’s end).

Yes! We met out beyond the steps of our hilltop new

        Two-story home…Santa Barbara – 1910…

  Physician-Father lovingly holding me (wrapped in a

        Blanket) and then

    With Mother, two teen-age brothers standing near…

      Awed at first…  then we all did CHEER

        As that night

          We viewed such a spectacular sight!

            OH! HALLEY’S COMET with its tail…

              Tail beautiful as a wedding veil!

            Like the tail of a comet, the long warm blanket

                       Seemed to flow to the ground…

            While that fantastic COMET, overhead, went its

                                Elliptical orbit, ‘round.


As young as I was, I sensed the love of my family,

  Who cared enough to lift me from my bed that night

    To share with me that glorious sight!

May ALL CHILDREN, this year, so fortunate be…

  And then, they again see

    In 2061 A.D. …

      That they, as HALLEY TWO-TIMERS may shout with glee!

HALLEY’S COMET! So beautiful, dependable in its path…

  To plan that, God surely knows math

    In order to map and guide in all those orbits:

      Comets, Planets and stars so bright – just right!

It’s been so worthwhile all through the years to now be well

  So to you and our Grandchildren I may tell

    Of the love of my family, so long ago,

      How they shared with me such mystery:



Hope you’re as thrilled as I … and in THANKS

                 Upon our knees bend!

        HAPPY HALLEY DAYS! … I say

        Amo Alice Corpe  Kinninger (Dr. K.)




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