George Junghanns, author, believes he has unlocked a fundamental mystery of the past.


            After eight years of research in preparation of his definitive work on the mythology of Halley’s Comet, he has amassed considerable evidence to connect Halley’s Comet to the fabulous Phoenix, said by the ancients to plunge into the “fire” every 500 years and rise from its “ashes” to live another 500 years.


            According to Junghanns, the long cycle of the Phoenix, while Halley’s comet is 75-6 years, was probably the main reason for the mystery remaining unsolved for so long.  There are actually several cycles, running from 360 to 1460 years.  The answer comes from Egyptian hieroglyphics relating the Phoenix to the planet Venus.  During transits of Venus (the alignment of Earth – Venus – Sun), only occurring at rare intervals, unusual gravitational influences come into play.


            When Halley’s Comet arrives during a transit of Venus – which happened in 1528, and earlier in 912 – extraordinary visual phenomena were recorded.  The gap of time turns out to be in hundreds of years, rather than the mere 75-6.


            Not only does the cyclical character of the “bird” strongly suggest Halley’s Comet, but the hieroglyphic representation, the “Bennu” bird, has its head decorated with a comet’s tail trailing back.


            During prominent apparitions of Halley’s Comet, the “bird” would appear to do exactly what the myth describes.  Since the comet passes from one side of the Sun to the other on its journey inside the Earth’s orbit, it would be lost in the Sun’s corona, appearing to “dive into the fire,” then emerging “reborn” as it passed its perihelion to the other side.


            In studying the sightings of Halley’s Comet through the centuries, Junghanns has come across more than one description that depicts the flames from the comet’s head as “appendages and wings.”  The tail of the comet during the 1456 apparition is described by Chinese as “being like a peacock’s.”


            Junghanns believes his discovery is a new key for unlocking numerous mysteries of the past.


            Readers interested in corresponding with Mr. Junghanns, the founder of the Phoenix – Halley’s Comet theory, may contact him through Gauntlet Books, Box 598, Franklin, MA 02038.





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