STICKERS AND STUFF Magazine conducted  a national contest entitled “See You in 2061” in which youngsters were invited to submit “sticker essays” directed towards the children of 2061, when Halley’s Comet returns again.  The Sumer Issue, 1986 (Issue 11) reports on the results:


          …We didn’t have to search the skies for entries to our Halley’s Comet Contest – they were all here, hundreds of them, right under our noses.  And what a selcection!  We received a great variety of entries, from sticker art masterpieces to poems about peace, war, love, Betty Boop, Halley’s Comet, and of course, stickers.


          Judging these entries was not easy, but we’re happy to tell all who entered that their entry WILL be sent to the Halley’s Comet Society—USA in Vincentown, NJ, and placed inside a time capsule to be opened in the year 2061.  So, you’re all winners, every single one of you.


          As you can see, it was pretty difficult for us to choose our 10 favorite entries from the batch – we enjoyed reading them all.  Some of the more outstanding entries used stickers in a clever way.  For example, some of you used sticker backings to create a comet sweeping through the sky.  Others used stickers to illustrate a story or poem. (Not surprisingly, glitter and prismatic stickers were popular comet-makers.)….


          Here are some of the winning entries.  (Unfortunately, we are unable to show the colorful variety of sticker art which accompanied most of these entries).




          Edmond Halley says to say,

                                                Halley’s Comet’s on the way

                                       He doesn’t know the precise date

                                                So I guess we’ll have to wait.

                                       If it crashes to the ground,

                                                It will make a deafening sound.

                                       So, if you’re in your backyard,

                                                LOOK OUT!

                                       ‘Cause you might get hit in the head Real hard


                                                                   Amy Patterson, age 9

                                                                   Des Moines, IA





          I think it is very interesting that on April 11, 1986, Halley’s Comet will be closest to Earth, because on April 11, 1968, I made my appearance on Earth.  Since then, so many changes have taken place.  Some examples of these changes have been in fashion, school, food, looks, speech, science, and toys.  Prices have also changed, mostly by increasing.  Kids have also changed.  What would we do without Swatch watches, television, and of course, stickers?  I really do not know, and am happy I do not have to think about it.


          The most exiting part of all of this is that in the year 2061 the new generation of kids will get to find out, almost first-hand, how it was 75 years before.


                                                                   Sarah Goldman, age 17

                                                                   New York, NY





                             Halley’s Comet only comes every 76th year,

                             It used to bring people many a fear.

                             A light, bright in the sky,

                             Barely seen by the naked eye.


                             Rocks, ice and gases,

                             Through the atmosphere it passes.

                             Powerful telescopes we will use

                             To get the comet into our views.


                             We’ll observe it orbit

                             And in our minds absorb it.

                             ‘Cause agtain we won’t see it come

                             Until 2061!


                                                                   Tiffany Hoebeck, age 13

                                                                   Racine, WA





          Dear Citizens of 2061:


          By the time you read this, I will probably be 86 years old, and won’t remember that I ever wrote this letter to you.  I probably won’t remember anything from fifth grade on.  This letter is from 1986, a year to remember.  In 1985 it was recoded that 1985 was the worst year for plane crashes.  I can’t tell you much about 1986 because I am writing this in February, but I can tell you that 1986 is a good year for robotics and making cars and other things.  In January the Chicago Bears won the football Super Bowl against the New England Patriots.


          When you read this letter in 2061, some humans may be living in space and in a different galaxy.   In 2061, I hope that all humans will work together instead of fighting against each other.  I also hope in 2061 all weapons will be torn apart and destroyed and put to good use instead of killing people.  In 2061, you may never hear of the space shuttle that exploded in mid-air.  There were seven astronauts, all with families.


                                                                   Chuck Heapy, age 11

                                                                   Grosse Pointe Woods, MD



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