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Marineoberbaudirektor Professor Dipl.Ing. Walter Laas
Born: 07 Feb 1870 in Berlin
Died: 16 Oct 1951 in Biesenthal, Mark
Schiffbaudirektor der Reserve (01 Nov 1941); Marineoberbaudirektor der Reserve (01 Jan 1943)
On the Shipyard Jos. L. Meyer, Papenburg (1894-1897)
On the Imperial Shipyard Kiel (1897-1898)
Operations-Engineer with the Germania-Shipyard Kiel (1898-1902)
Deputy Bureau-Chief, Joh.C.Tecklenborg AG, Bremerhaven-Geestemünde (1902-1904)
Professor for Practical Ship-Building at the Technical College Berlin-Charlottenburg (1904-1925)
Leutnant/Oberleutnant/Hauptmann of the Landwehr and Company-Chief finally Detached to the Navy in the Ship-Construction-Department of the Imperial Shipyard Wilhelmshaven (1914-1918)
Executive-Member of Germanischen Lloyd, Chief Director (01 Jan 1926-31 Dec 1935)
Entered the Navy as Director of the Technical Department, Senior-Shipyard-Staff of the Admiral Aegean (01 Nov 1941-30 Jun 1943)
Placed to the Disposal of OKM (01 Jul 1943-31 Jul 1943)
Retired (31 Jul 1943)

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