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Problem Based Learning

Problem Based Learning Initiative
Glass Bead Game
Soma Cube

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The Operation based Learning methods (need information)


Alternative Medicine

Rolfing Somatics Flow Hand Acupuncture Oriental Medicine of Korea

Saam Acupuncture Eight Constitutions based Medicine and Acupuncture
        vesicotonia     :    su-uhm   chejil   [ water       yin    type ]  
        renotonia       :    su-yang  chejil   [ water       yang   type ]  
        cholecystotonia :    mok-uhm  chejil   [ wood        yin    type ] 
        hepatotonia     :    mok-yang chejil   [ wood        yang   type ] 
        colonotonia     :    kum-uhm  chejil   [ gold(metal) yin    type ] 
        pulmotonia      :    kum-yang chejil   [ gold(metal) yang   type ] 
        gastrotonia     :    toh-uhm  chejil   [ earth       yin    type ] 
        pancreotonia    :    toh-yang chejil   [ earth       yang   type ] 

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