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Planet BEarth is Dedicated to The ever-changing Queen Of Punk
Nina Hagen

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What is Planet BEarth?

Planet BEarth
is a Place where the diversities of Religion is welcomed and Cherished and the Mysteries of life are openly explored not feared

Planet BEarth
is a Vegetarian Planet where Food is plentiful and animals are treated as Sacred Beings not Entrees

Planet BEarth
is a Planet where all People are equal and the separation of Race's, Creed's, Sex's, Lifestyle's are seen as unnecessary and destructive

Planet BEarth
is a Planet where music can be heard in the winds coming from every corner of the Planet. All music that is different or unusual is welcomed as a way to explore the pathways to the soul.
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You can now page me directly by using the button above.
My ICQ number is 4320158

The chatroom survey results are in! 
The overwhelming choice for best time was between 2:00 and 6:00 PM EST
I will try and be in the chatroom after 5:00 until at least 6:00 EST.
Lets get together
If anyone wants to narrow the times down a little more let me know and I will post the times.

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