Welcome to the Land of the Midnight Sun
Please come in and warm yourself by the fire.  Sit down at my table and share a cup of chai.  I invite you to relax while I show you the past and present of my spectacular Alaska on the Kenai Peninsula.  I will tell you of my history, language, culture and religion. I invite you to look at my photography and copy a few recipes from my cookbooks. You might like to spend a few holidays with me. Please take time to read my stories.  We can share a lively discussion on Assimilation or look at my travel guides. Please be patient with me because patience is a virtue and the best things may take a while to load.
(knock below and walk in)

This is the entryway to the gateway.  Please come in.

Holy Assumption of the Virgin Mary Church

Holy Assumption of the Virgin Mary Church
is a National Historic Landmark in Kenai,
Alaska. It is the only Nationally recognized
landmark in Alaska that can be reached by
motor vehicle. This photo is approximately
forty-seven years old. Notice the oil stove on
the side of the Church. Today this National
Historic Landmark is heated by natural gas.

TheBear Facts. The series of pages
are filled with brown and black bear
photography. Visit bears in their natural habitat.
Learn when they sleep!

The Eagles Our Alaska State Bird.
See both a youngster and an adult.
They don't look alike!

A Moose Article. The series of pages
are filled with unusual
moose photography. See moose so close
you can see their teeth and eyelashes!

See them sleeping and eating!

Fox Photographs The series of pictures
are of a youngster.
Please take time to enjoy our Alaskan animals.
Visit them in their natural habitat.

I dedicate these pages within
to my Mother who inspired and
encouraged me to record
the language and the history
of her village:

Dedication to my mother Eleanor Beatty.

I invite you to come into the Ice Palace.
Wear your jacket if you enter because it is very
chilly but extremely beautiful.
A lovely applet and poetry on ice.

The History, Usage and Construction of Ninilchik
Root Cellars

Entry into a historical description on Root Cellars, construction and usage.

The Real Dacha
A place dear to my heart
This is not the same Dacha as the inside link.

Do you receive lots of hugs both
real and in the cyber world? This is
a nice way of responding to them.
Children love this also. It is both
adult and grandchild tested.
Please feel  free to share some hugs

A Genuine Friendship . This page is for sharing
with a special  friend.

Pascha: Different Easter Greetings and
Traditional Kulich Recipes.