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Mauvais Lapin

Notice: This site will remain static from now on. The replacement site can be found here.

Fiction Updated: 17th May 2002
Some of the stories that I have written. These may occasionally stray into offensive areas so be warned.

Articles Updated: 11th August 2001
Various non-fictive pieces of writing that I have created. These tend to be travel related but are not restricted to such.

MST Created 9th May 2002
Something different for me. My characters are commenting on someone elses story as the watch it like a movie.

PBEM Updated: 18th March 2002
Play By EMail games. This includes character sheets and character backgrounds where appropriate.

Updates Updated: 9th May 2002
This lists what changes I have made to the website in chronological order. It also has personal updates such as where I am and why I'm not posting new stories.

Links Updated: Some time in 2001

Last Update: 18th March 2002