by Brockman & Stevens
as sung by Irving Kaufman, and the members of George Olsen and his music

Some kids say that the world today is all upside-down.
Sometimes they're smiling; sometimes they frown.
My heart felt sore for the kid next-door when I heard him cry.
Here's what he told me when I asked him why:

"I played horsy down the street
With my broom, down the street
When somebody moved the street
I faw down an go boom!
"I got right back on my horse
Broom of course
Was my horse
When somebody moved my horse
I faw down an go boom!
"I cried, and I cried, and I ran home to ma.
It's all right now, 
But how that certain place was hurtin'!
"Mother put me straight to bed
Straight to bed
Ooooh my head!
(or: Great big bump
On my head)
In my dreams they moved the bed
I faw down an go boom!"

This same boy was full of joy the very next day
We saw him laughing  tee- he was gay 
We said, "Sonny, what's so funny?
Please tell us why 
You are so happy."
And here's his reply:

"Papa come home late last night
Mama said, 'Pop, you're tight'
When he tried to find the light
He fall down and go boom.
Papa, he begin to sing
Mama said, 'Bad old thing'
Then she took a great big swing
He fall down and go boom.

The noise they made woke everyone up
And though the doorbell kept on ringing
Pop kept singing
'Sweet Adeline...My Ade...'
Mama chased him up the stairs
with a lot of kitchen wear
At the top he said, 'who cares'
He fall down and go boom!"

I asked my sweetie out to dine
Out to dine
She said "Fine!"
When she ordered up some wine
I fell down and went boom!

Then I asked my pretty miss
My pretty miss
For a kiss
With a bang she said, "Take this!"
I faw down an go boom!

I cried, and cried, and said "I love you!"
She laughed, oh she laughed
And said, "No jokin'-- You're provokin!"

I took her home to my surprise
Big surprise
She told lies
Hubby hit me 'tween the eyes
I faw down an go boom!

Down on Wall Street I bought stocks
Lost my shirt
Lost my socks
'Cause as soon as I buy stocks
They fall down and go boom.

I'm broke, no joke, It's tough as can be.
Oh Gee, you see,
That even cotton's down to nothin'

Yesterday I felt immense
Climbed a high picket fence
A picket struck me in de pents
I faw down an go boom!

I went and bought my self a Rolls-Royce
Oh Gee, Oh Joy,
While I was singing, the phone kept ringing
Then my broker said to me
That stock you bought at eighty-three
Is lower than the deep blue sea
I faw down an go boom!

Note: The second verse & chorus suggest that joyful amusement would be the reaction of a child in a family beset by alcohol abuse and domestic violence. This is but one of many examples of how we are well to be rid of certain aspects of the mindset of the past culture which created these songs.
The later part of the song contain numerous references to the stock market crash of October 1929 and subsequent collapse of other markets, including that for cotton.

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