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Following the ratification of Regional Law no.15/96, the spelling standard devised by professor Xavier Lamuela, which had been already approved by the provincial authorities of Udin, Gurize and Pordenon, was adopted as the official spelling standard of the Friulian language. This decision was taken on the grounds that the Lamuela spelling was more consistent than its competitor, the spelling adopted by the Societ Filologica Friulana, and would be easier to learn. However, the Societ Filologica appealed against the decision of the Region, maintaining that their spelling was more widely employed by Friulian authors. The two parties eventually found an agreement in late 1997: the Lamuela spelling was partially modified to accommodate suggestions made by the Societ Filologica Friulana, who withdrew their appeal. The new spelling standard for Friulian could now be effectively used by all.

Here is a short summary of the differences between the three spelling conventions.

New official spelling SFF Lamuela
ducj duc' ducj
cjase cjase cjase
zovin 'zovin zovin
b bz b
bs bz bs
frut frut frut
fruts fruz fruts
piul pizzul piul
nazion nazion natsion
zucar zucar tsucar

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