Welcome to "The Lauren Maltby Zone." This is the first site dedicated to the actress that starred in the Disney Channels' "Zenon the Girl from the 21st Century" and "Zenon the Zequel." Shes also a Movie Surfer on the Disney Channel as well. So enjoy your stay, and please sign the guestbook! If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me! You can now access this site through "http://laurenMaltbyZone.cjb.net"

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Feb. 9th
**Hello Again! Sorry there hasnt been any updates, but I just wanted to tell you that Be on the look out for Movie Surfers Episodes by going to DisneyChannel.com, and Lauren was in the latest episode of PROUD FAMILY on Disney.
**If anyone is interested in co-owning this website with me, PLEASE CONTACT ME!

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