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My names Mike (But you should know that by now.) I like to do art, and I write sometimes. I have my stuff, (And the excellent stuff of my guest artists) In the Artist Index..

Dan (The Underling) is part time helper-thingy for my site, so you'll occasionally see stuff from him.

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Nov. 20
Yay! More poems from Sandy!

Nov. 12
As you can see the site is on hiatus. But we did get some writing from an excellent writer and friend of mine. Go check it out. NOW! And PS I have a new piece of artwork in my section.

Sept. 6 2003
Updated my art section. Take a look if you feel like it.

December 17

Hello there, This is the underling, I think we've all went off to crazy and you're all invited. As for the site school has made updating a very difficult task. I hate school!
Underling here. I've updated cause mike was going to kill me if I didn't.

Sept. 15
I've FINALLY updated! I have a poem by a good friend in the writers index, and I'm going to have some new work by me up soon. Im not sure of the exact date but I'll let you know.
Also, if I have any announcements, they will be in the Forum.

June 21
I haven't been able to update lately and sadly, i wont be able to put any of my stuff up due to scanner problems. On the up side we have new art by Jon Ponikvar of Peter and Company in the art section.

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