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Welcome, welcome, Canadians and other friends. This website is the product of the little chunk of my brain that insists on glorifying and celebrating everything wonderful about my country. Being a university student trying to balance work and play time makes it difficult to keep this site running like the well-oiled machine I want it to be, but bear with me. The love is still here! *sniff*.

Anyway, you made it. Since counter was last reset Aug. 7/98, have dropped by to see what all the fuss is about. As Grapes would say, "Often imitated, never duplicated." This is the ORIGINAL Canada Rocks the World site... since the summer o' 96.

It's always a great time to start preparing for the next July 1st! Last year I created a Canada day page and it's archived here. Click for some ideas.

There is tons to learn, look at, laugh at, and do here! It's like Disneyworld, you can't see everything in one visit. (Unlike Disneyworld, it is 100% CANADIAN and you are not going to wait in line for 2hrs to ride Space Mountain.) So... bookmark me! You can explore the site in whatever way you want, I don't provide any maps... You can check out the menu below. Feel free to leave comments in my guestbook or via email. Please let me know about loading problems, text colour visibility etc. etc. etc. because I love feedback and it helps make this site even better!

CANADA ROCKS THE WORLD was a Yahoo Pick of the Week for the week of August 7/98! Yahoo!

Canadian Trivia Quiz - put your knowledge of this great white North to the test. you said it - opinions/rants/deep thoughts about Canada straight from my inbox and guestbook.
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Canadian Links - a plethora of links... from Canadian beer to game shows CRTW Cool Canadian Award - the best of the best Canadian sites in my opinion
Awards - thank you, thank you! (typical Canadian modesty) French/Français - french version of CRTW / la version française... though it's pretty meat-and-potatoes. A better translation will be available very soon.
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You can also read my SERMON, hallelujah.
Wrote it a while ago in response to some ugly mail I got.
Or check out the web rings CANADA ROCKS THE WORLD belongs to.

There's a page I would like you to help me with! Email me what you think the best thing and worst thing about living in this country is. To get you started, take a look at the in-progress page.

Vive Le Canada!
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me & my page were made in Canada

Make sure you drop in on Tim Web, home to a collection of great pages on none other than the legendary TIM HORTONS donut chain. This, for those who don't know, is some kind of deep-rooted cult thing here. There's a shop for every man, woman and child in every small town in the whole nation... At Tim Web you'll find some info about Mr. Horton the hockey player too!

you've always got time for... oops, I'm getting carried away.

Many thanks go to Geocities for hosting this page. NO, you can't have mine, get your own!

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