Maison Ikkoku Central Web Ring

Welcome to the Maison Ikkoku Central Web Ring! I created this Web Ring in an effort to unite all the Maison Ikkoku-related homepages on the World Wide Web under one central and unique ring.

As you should know by now, I'm a Maison Ikkoku fanatic and what better way it would be to introduce this outstanding anime series (the greatest romantic anime series of all time, no doubt!) to others then to have a ring that connects to all the Maison Ikkoku information that anyone could ask for. As Maison Ikkoku Central expands, I hope it will help you to appreciate how outstanding this anime series really is and fall in love with Maison Ikkoku over and over again.

Maison Ikkoku Forever!

What is a webring? What is the purpose of the Maison Ikkoku Central Web Ring?

A Webring is a way to group pages of similar content linked together as ring. Every ring has a "next" button. If one pushes this button, it takes you to the next page on the ring. If you hit the "next" button enough times, you'll wind up back where you began. You can also click a "next 5" button to view the index of the entire ring. To see this in action, try navigating through the Maison Ikkoku Central Web Ring at the bottom of this page.

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The purpose of the ring is to bring together pages related to the anime series Maison Ikkoku. If you have such a page (i.e. personal reviews, image galleries, multimedia files, etc.), please don't hesitate to join!

Here's how to join the ring...

Here are the steps that need to be followed to join the Maison Ikkoku Central Web Ring.

Please follow them closely to preserve the integrity of the ring!

  • Save a copy of our banner or, if you like, design one of your own. If I like it, I'll make it available to everybody.
  • Please DO NOT reference these graphics off this server unless you've asked them for permission first!
  • Fill out the form below to register your site. Note that this does not insert you into the ring; it simply makes your page known to me and gives you a Site ID Number. The actual insertion is done later by after I've checked out your page.
  • Again, your page MUST be Maison Ikkoku-related and our banner MUST be visible on your page. It's that simple!

    Web Ring Application

    Homepage URL:
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    Password: (The password allows you to edit your site information. Do not forget it!)

  • If you have any problems, e-mail me.

  • Add the HTML fragment below to your homepage. Feel free to modify this fragment to suit your needs. Please note, however, that all bracketed portions must be filled in with the proper information.

    <!-- Begin Maison Ikkoku Central Web Ring Fragment --> <font size=2> <CENTER><a href=""> <img src="http://[insert your site's URL here]/[insert banner name here]" border=0 alt="Maison Ikkoku Central Web Ring" width=[banner's width] height=[banner's height]></CENTER></a> <CENTER> Click for the [ <a href=" [insert ID #]&next">Next Page</a> | <a href=" [insert ID #]&skip">Skip It</a> | <a href=" [insert ID #]&prev">Previous</a> | <a href=" [insert ID #]&next5">Next Five</a>] <br><br>Want to join the ring? Click here for <a href="">info</a>. </center></font></CENTER> <!!-- End Maison Ikkoku Web Ring Fragment -->

    Maison Ikkoku Central Web Ring

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