Nominate a Site for Fine Arts Site of the Week!!

Fine Arts Site of the Week!!

Does your site well represent the fine arts of today?? Or do you know of a site that does?? If you think so, that the site you think does can win...

To nominate a site, fill out the form below, and I'll get back with you as soon as I can!! I must warn you, I only give the award to those sites who deserve it. Only one a week, If I feel it well represents the fine other words, if you beg me, it's more than likely you won't get it. Good Luck!!
1)Please tell me your name:

2)What is the URL of the site being nominated?

3)What is the name of the site being nominated?

4) Why do you think the site specified should win the "Fine Arts Site of the Week" award??

5) What art does your page especially bring out(example:My site brings out music the most)?

Previous Winners

The following pages have won the Fine Arts Site of the Week award for wonderfully displaying and expressing their feelings for the fine arts...who knows? You could be next!!

The Beethoven Multimedia On-Line Site-Week of 8/2/97

The Clarinet Info Pages-Week of 8/9/97

Surrey Youth Symphony Orchestra-Week of 8/16/97

Knightmagic's Eyes of Venus-Week of 8/16/97

TenorLand-Week of 11/5/97

The Singing Voice-Week of 3/31/98

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