Voices of Veterans at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke
Membership Form
To submit this form: 1) Manually: print the form, fill it out and hand it in to any one of the board members; 2) Electronically: copy and paste this form into an email message, fill it out and submit it to any one of the board members.
You will receive a membership card once your membership has been registered through the Secretary.  Membership expires at the end of the semester (Spring/Fall)..
Name:  _______________________________________________________

Home (Campus) Phone:  _________________________________________

Home (Campus) Address: ________________________________________

Email Address:  ________________________________________________

Major:  _______________________________________________________

Minor: (if applicable)____________________________________________

School Classification:  __ Freshman  __ Sophmore  __ Junior  __ Senior

Estimated Graduation Date:  ______________________________________

Financial Aid Program (ex: VA/VR):  _______________________________

Other:  _______________________________________________________

Hobbies/Interest:  _______________________________________________


Membership Dues:  $5.00

Please submit this form and your membership dues to the current Secretary or any of the board/ Committee personnel..

If you would like to contibute any suggestions or ideas on how to improve the
Voices of Vets organization, you can either submit them below or write to:



NOTE:  To ensure you receive updated information, please join the Voices of Vets egroup email system.  This will allow you to be notified when the web site is updated, information concerning meeting dates with location and times, important news information plus more.
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