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Page 3 is address' 5000 to 9000.

This page is dedicated to ALL Transgendered People of Geocities
it is kind of a one stop browsing, if you will!
All persons with an interest in Transgederism are welcomed PLEASE
Report any of these LINKS not working to your

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Welcome to the GIRLS of Geocities

These links are in order of their GEOCITIES addresses. If I have overlooked one and you would like to be included, PLEASE send FE-mail to DAPHNE

Name Address Description
Jessica Lapin 1231 Cross-dressing
Men in Panties 1358 TV's Feb.11,97
Rachel Robbins 1362 TG
Christy 1419 TS Olde Crone's Home
Jessica 1440 Jessica's Place
Toni 1472 TV
Susie Zu 1562 A Transgendered Woman
Drag Hag 1814 Drag Queen
Keri 1825 TG
Tgirl 2033 Tgirl personal page
Roni Sue 2141 Transgendered 90's
Donna 2262 Donna's Boutique
Maartje 2283 New Girl on the Block
Francis-Carol 2293 TV-CD
Tanya1 2339 South Africa TV...
Lacy Chris 2343 TG
The Cosmetics 2370 TG
Cassy 2371 CD/TV/TS
Nathalie 2390 TG Feb.10,97
Latina 2410 TV
Valerie 2437 TG
RuthAnn 2487 TG
Stephie 2525 Stephanies Place
Lana 2588 CD/TV
Thygesen 2614 Helene, a transgendered....
Tgjudy 2638 Transgendered
Victoria 2701 Transgendered
Michelle tg 2708 Transgendered
Shannon tg 2719 Transgendered
Michelle 2720 Twenty Something TS
Christine TS 2731 31 yo TS from Seattle
Diana 2740 Diana's Homepage
Linda 2748 Linda's Place
Caycee Anne 2756 TG
Jennilynn 2777 Transgender Stuff & more...
Chinadoll 2781 Transgendered
Trampy 2782 A Trampy TV
Brenda 2791 TG
Debbie Davies 2849 TG
The Queen City 2899 Charlotte, NC
Amor 2947 The TG page of Christy
Paula Dayne 2957 Transgender My Journey
Sandra1 2958 My Feminine Side
Diana Micheals 2959 New T girl on the Block
Alexfox,...*F2M 2987 Transman's Place,..*F2M
Michelle Renee 2990 Transgendered
Fetishz 2994 Heels, Hose & Nails

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