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Updated: May 14, 2000
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What is a game without the brilliance, the drama, the heroism, the wit, and yes, the stupidity and the occasional out-of-character wisecrack? These shining moments bring added enjoyment to our already enjoyable hobby. 

This is our repository of all the great tales, witticisms, faux pas and rib-tickling utterances that have become immortalized in our memories.   All you see here come from actual game sessions.  Click on the section titles to view the compilations.

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Fractured Definitions

Many game books define terms that are used in explaining the game system. However, there are many phenomena that occur during games whose definitions don't quite fit in the pages of Websters or between the covers of game books. You will find a few of them in this section.

Campfire Tales

In days of old, folk gathered around the campfire to exchange amusing tales.  In our mailing list we continue to do the same; here are some of the gems that made us fall out of our chairs laughing.  Click on the title to take you to the most recent, or on the monthly compilations below.

September 1999 - April 2000

The Moments of Brilliance

    Often a game is remembered by the rich laughter it brought. In this section we showcase the in-character humor that have made characters immortal. 

    Thanks to this little scene, AEGIS created an award to give thanks to those who have made the gaming experience that much more enjoyable. We call this award "The Nevin".

    After the PCs found the key to the succession for the troubled kingdom, all the clans were called together at Stonehenge to decide who will be the next High King. The situation is very tense, as some of the clans seem ready to go to war over the succession. 

    The key to the whole thing is an artifact found by Father Nevin (Joshue Sazon). After a speech by the Loremaster, Nevin is called to tell the clan chiefs what he has found.

    So. Imagine this Sunrise over Stonehenge.  The glint of sun on armor and weapons. Proud banners whipping in the wind. Thousands of clansmen in their most dazzling finery. The skirl of bagpipes and the thud of drums, then silence. Nevin steps forward; this is his BIG SCENE. 

    He clears his throat then says  


    It was about ten minutes before we could resume the game.

    The Most Memorable Intro Ever
    from "War of Winter"
    GM: Adrian Martinez (AEGIS)
    System: MATRIXX(homebrew)

The Outtakes
Not all humor happens inside the game. There are times a player may be at a loss for words or perhaps puts words in another's mouth. Like in the movies some stuff lies on the cutting-room floor. Like some movie editors do, we keep funnier stuff for the retelling.

Patrick Ocampo putting words into Daman the Destroyer's (Henry Vargas) mouth as a comment on Dathan's (Tommy Lim) wife. 

Background: Daman has this rather strange way with cows.

"I know it when cows are pregnant ... and believe you me, your wife is pregnant!"

from "The Breaking of the Red Branch"
GM: Dariel Quiogue (AEGIS)
System: FLEX (homebrew)

L5R Gone Anime Wacky

What happens when a bunch of Play-By-Email gamers get bored waiting for something to happen?   More specifically, when a bunch of anime nuts get bored? 

You get ... Anime Wacky!  A running outtake that took on a life of its own and still leaves its writers wondering what they must have drunk when they wrote it ... inspite of the fact that none of the Anime Wacky writers drink at all.

Contributions are welcome, but read this first!

The Anecdotes section features vignettes and scenes that actually took place while a game was in progress. If you wish to contribute we ask that you have been a participant or a witness to the vignette or scene. If you wish to contribute something you only heard of get the full text from a participant or a witness, or get them to submit it.

When submitting, please note the presentation formats. Make sure that the game system, GM (with group affiliation at the time of the incident), game title (if any) are present. Include names unless it might wind up too embarrassing to do so. If you can't remember the names please indicate so. Please give a title to the contribution.

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