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AFP Museum display
Interior Display of the Armed Forces of the Philippine Museum.
Ground floor display Bren Gun Carrier
Second Floor Display of the AFP Museum features a life size model of a
"Bren Gun" Carrier.
The shipment of these vehicles was intended for other forces but was delayed in the Philippines at the outbreak of WW2. These were used by the USAFFE.
The vehicle modeled was named "Erlinda". It was a name embroidered on a hankerchief of a young woman who had been asaulted and killed by Japanese soldiers.
Two tired and raged looking figures are the representative of what the "Battling Bastards of Battan" looked like.
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Have a look at a modern version of a Universal Carrier

Ground Floor of the interior display of the museum features various infantry weapons like, rifles, machineguns, 60mm and 81mm Mortars, Recoiless Rifles, and even a 105mm Pack Howitzer.
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Click the image to see the Outdoor Display of the AFP Museum featuring tanks, aircraft and artillery.
The Panoramic view is courtesy of our friends from Singapore.
Scale Nutz 'Aim to preserve our heritage through modeling'

Second floor display Scale Models:


One Sixth Scale Action Figures


Someone's photo shoot at the museum.


Photo of Ft.Drum from the book/website of "War of Our Fathers"


Visit the Ft. Drum website to see many photos from the archives and recent visits.