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Gallant Warriors From the Sea:

The Philippine Marine Corps Today

Tides of Change:

Philippine Navy Centennial Book

Cutting Edge

50th Anniversary of the Philippine Marines


Kawal, Pilipino

Philippine Army The 1st 100 Years

The Marine Rifleman


Philippine Air Force
Pictorial History

Silent War

Under the Crescent Moon : Rebellion in Mindanao



Aristocrats of the Malay Race

Into the Mountain; Hostaged by the Abu Sayyaf

The Kris in Philippine History

A Study of the Impact of Moro Anti-Colonial Resistance, 1571-1896 by Luis Camara Dery

Angry Days in Mindanao

The Philippine Revolution and the War Against the U.S. in East and Northeast Mindanao 1897-1908 By Peter Schreurs, MSC (Second Edition)



The Diary of a French Officer on the war in the Philippines 1898

Tinio Brigade

Anti-American Resistance in Ilocos Provinces, 1899-1901
Orlino A. Ochosa

The War in the Philippines, As Reported by Two French Journalists in 1899 By Gaston Rouvier, Henri Turot; Translated by E. Aguilar Cruz


Germany, the Philippines, and the Spanish-American War;
Four Accounts by Officers of the Imperial German Navy




 Manila Envelopes; Oregon Volunteer Lt. George F. Telfer's Spanish-American War Letters



The Techniques and Equipment of the Deadly Marksman

Cadillac Gage V100 Commando

The Hard Ride Vietnam Gun Trucks




Recomended Books:




 The Coming Conflict With China


 The Great Wall at Sea: China’s Navy Enters the Twenty-First Century



 Special Forces: A Guided Tour of U.S. Army Special Forces
by Tom Clancy, John Gresham (Contributor), William P. Yarborough


 Marine : A Guided Tour of a Marine Expeditionary Unit
by Tom Clancy


 SSN : Strategies of Submarine Warfare
by Tom Clancy


Indonesian Special Forces


 Hazardous Duty