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The Last Harmattan of Alusine Dunbar

"Cheney-Coker has written a fantastic novel. There has never, in my reading, been a novel quite like this before in African literature."

-- Peter Nazareth

Sulaiman the Nubian, otherwise known as Alusine Dunbar, has transcended the limits of life and death, of past, present, and future. Through the looking glass of his memories, we see black pioneers seeking freedom after the American Revolution, their landfall on the West African coast at a place of memory and enchantment, promise and revenge. Through their diligence and ingenuity the settlement prospers -- then the harmattan blows its dry breath of ill-omen, presaging an age of bitter struggle and oppression that echoes down to the brutal politics of today.

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The Graveyard Also Has Teeth

"'Out of our quarrel with others,' said Yeats, 'we make rhetoric, and out of our quarrel with ourselves we make poetry.' Cheney-Coker is a superb example of this truth."
-- Robert L. Berner in Books Abroad

"Essential for most collections of poetry as well as black studies.''
-- Library Journal

This collection of the Sierra Leonean poet's work incorporates Concerto for an Exile.

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The Blood in the Desert's Eyes

In this compelling collection of poetry, accomplished poet, Syl Cheney-Coker's distinctive voice speaks of his native land, Sierra Leone, the desert, poverty, and childhood. Throughout, his imagery and themes reflect his concern for political injustice where it is found, and his fluent and elegant use of language produces a powerful, free-flowing verse. Cheney-Coker's work draws its inspiration from both European and African poetic and cultural traditions, paying homage to such artists and musicians of the west as Goya and Vivaldi while expressing his deep love and concern for the continent of his birth.

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Napolo and the Python

Napolo, the mythical serpent that lives under mountains and is associated with landslides, earthquakes, and floods in Malawi, inspired the poems in this collection. Napolo lives on and still has an impact on Malawians today, as evidenced by a recent reggae hit about the great Python. Napolo also lives on in the poems of Steve Chimombo.

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Harvest of Thorns

A Commonwealth Writers Prize Winner

"Zimbabwe has fine black writers and Shimmer Chinodya is one of the best. Harvest of Thorns brilliantly pictures the transition between the old white dominated Southern Rhodesia, through the Bush War, to the new black regime. It is a brave book, a good strong story, and it is often very funny. People who know the country will salute its honesty, but I hope newcomers to African writing will give this book a try. They won't be disappointed."

-- Doris Lessing

A time of turbulence and turmoil is illustrated through the coming of age of Benjamin Tichafa, a young man torn between two worlds, between two sets of beliefs, between old and new.

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edited by Stella and Frank Chipasula

The Heinemann Book of African Women's Poetry

"The first collection of its kind. This volume is re-visionary, a step toward self-definition. . . Its main strength is the wide range of voices--42 poets from 18 countries. . . they have begun the process of remaking poetry in their own multifaceted images."
--Ms. Magazine

This first major anthology of African women's poetry offers an extensive selection of poetry by women all over the African continent. The poems address wide-ranging human concerns such as love, motherhood, death, colonial domination, and human dignity. They employ a variety of styles from the conversational to the didactic. Contributors include Ama Ata Aidoo, Noemia de Sousa, Queen Hatshepsut, Micere Githae Mugo, and Zindzi Mandela.

Originally from Malawi, Stella and Frank Chipasula now live in the United States.

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Whispers in the Wings

Marked by a simplicity bordering on song, and drawing on elements of Malawian folklore, these poems are at once articulate and forceful. Arranged in four movements and a finale, they confront tyranny in Frank Chipasula's homeland, Malawi, and then travel outwards through East, Central, and Southern Africa, dealing with the themes of colonial and post-colonial oppression, exile, and the nature of good and evil.

African dissident poet, Frank Chipasula, has been living in self-imposed exile in the USA since 1978.

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Lindsey Collen

Lindsey Collen remains in Mauritius despite threats of death, public rape, acid attacks, and arrest in response to The Rape of Sita. The book has been withdrawn from distribution and continues to be banned in Mauritius.

The Rape of Sita

"Beautifully written, powerful and wise."

"Lyrically complex and richly allusive, yet accessible, the novel addresses the social, religious and political conditions that make rape not only possible, but probable."
--The Women's Review of Books

This novel is both starkly modern in its conception and at the same time reminiscent of an oral folk tale or even a long ancient myth. It is the story of the rape of a woman called Sita. A story told by her friend, Iqbal, a man haunted by the desire to be a woman, a man also prepared to tell stories anew all the time and without stopping.

The rapist is Rowan, whose heart it was prophesied would burst in two if he did rape her, echoing the prophesy of the Mahabharata and Ramanyana. Sita's rape becomes the rape of the whole continent by its colonizers; her ultimate sequestration, the slavery of nations. The Rape of Sita is the story of all rapes and all amnesia, individual and collective.

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Every Man is a Race coverEvery Man is a Race

"Mia Coutu. . . is on his way to becoming Mozambique's foremost author of extraordinary tales, in which observed reality and the supernatural blend."

--World Literature Today

"A man's story is always badly told. That's because a person never stops being born. Nobody leads one sole life, we are all multiplied into different and ever-changeable men." So it is with all the stories in this collection, which never make a definitive judgment on the individual life, but only suggest its possibilities. Set in Mozambique, these stories also reflect the legacy of Portuguese colonialism and the tragedy of the subsequent civil war.

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Voices Made Night

In this collection of stories, the Mozambican poet Mia Couto expresses through striking metaphors the emptiness and absurdity of lives bound by poverty and subject to arbitrary incursions of extreme violence. In Voices Made Night, an African cosmology portrays the surreal world defined by its contradictions, set against a background of political instability.

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