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Post-Colonial Literature: Black-Consciousness

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Steve Bantu Biko

Steve Biko was one of the foremost figures in South Africa's struggle for liberation from the apartheid regime. Murdered by the police when he was only 30, he had already established him self as a n important leader through his work as a political activist and his analysis on Black Consciousness.

I Write What I Like

first published in 1978

I Write What I Like is a collection of Biko's lectures, articles, letters, and trial testimonies that was smuggled out of South Africa after Biko's murder. This 1996 edition was published to coincide with 50th anniversary of Steve Biko's birth. This edition includes a preface by Archbishop Desmond Tutu, who states, "It is good that there is this new edition to enable us to savour the inspired words of Steve Biko- perhaps it could just spark a Black renaissance.

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