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AFVN salutes the Men and Women of AFNI - American Forces Network Iraq - who provide music, news, and sports
via military radio and television to the troops in Iraq

"From the Delta to the DMZ"
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AFVN military radio and television provided music, news and entertainment to the American Fighting Man and Woman during the Vietnam War.
AFVN Webmaster is Robert Morecook PhD, then SP5 USA, AFVN Saigon News, 72-73 rmorecook@hotmail.com There have been Counter Visitors since May 1, 2000

AFVN was the U.S. military radio and television network in South Vietnam. It provided broadcasting throughout the Vietnam War. Early in the war when there was only radio it was called AFRS, or American Forces Radio Service. The first television service was provided from the Navy's Blue Eagle airplanes as a part of Project Jenny. AFVN was part of AFRTS, the American Forces Radio and Television Service.