HardCore FUZION:
Using Your Skills

New system rules superseding Generic Fuzion rules.

4.1 Fuzion Dice

HardCore Fuzion uses one 10-sided die for resolving actions (Interlock system).

4.2 Universal Difficulity Table
Description DV
Challenged 8
Everyday 12
Competent 16
Heroic 20
Incredible 24
Legendary 30
Superheroic 32

4.3 When you don't have a skill

Sometimes, you just don't have the right Skill to use. In these cases, there are two options the GM can use.

The first is no skill, no action. Someone who never attended a physic course couldn't resolve a nuclear physic problem!

Sometimes an unskilled character can try an action even if he doesn't have the relevant skill. To use a sword you didn't need a PhD, if you know how to use a Gauss weapon, you could certainly manage to use a Firearm. In this case you can gain one point for every three point of a close skill you currently have. Even if you don't have a matching skill, you could make a skill roll with a skill of 0. But instead of a d10 dice, an unskilled character rolls a d6 dice. With a natural roll of 1 means a Critical Failure (roll another 1d6 and substract the result from your first roll). An unskilled character couldn't get a Critical Success.

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